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Case Management

Housed within the Office of Student Support and Conduct, case managers are the path-clearers and problem-solvers for OSU students dealing with mental health, academic, relationship, food insecurity and other stressful crises. By providing resources, linkage, education, and expertise, we empower students to break down barriers, clarify needs and navigate complex processes to get back on track to reach their goals.  


Case Management provides inclusive, comprehensive support services that empower students to address all aspects of their health and well-being. These services are available to help students navigate challenges while at Oklahoma State University including challenges related to mental health, physical health, social adjustment, and other issues.

How can case management help?

Are you overwhelmed, struggling with a relationship or family issue, failing your classes, feeling anxious or depressed, worried about housing or food, or concerned about someone who is?  

Case Managers are dedicated to your personal growth, development, and success at Oklahoma State University. We know that college can be challenging at times and you may need help along the way. Life events such as a death in the family, personal crisis or experiencing a medical hardship can cause a student to struggle personally and academically.

Case Management is a great resource to turn to if you have no idea where else to go. No matter how difficult or unique your situation and no matter where you are - we are here to help!  

We can work with you to answer questions, discuss support options, connect you to resources, help identify the best path forward, and most importantly support your Oklahoma State experience. 

What is case management?

Through individualized consultation, case management provides assessment, intervention, and coordination of services to support students navigating challenging or unexpected issues that impact their well-being and academic success. In difficult situations such as medical, mental health, behavioral, personal or family crisis, illness or injury, a student may find it difficult to navigate the resources and services available. We can provide support to these students in order to assist them in removing barriers to success and in increasing their holistic well-being.

Student case management is not counseling or therapy; rather, case managers have the opportunity to develop close helping relationships with students while coaching students toward appropriate self-care and self-advocacy.

Request case management

These services are free to any enrolled OSU undergraduate or graduate student. Students can contact us directly, without a referral.  
Call 405-744-5470 or email

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