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There are various forms for requesting for support and reporting concerning behavior. Please review the following descriptions and contact Student Support & Conduct (405-744-5470) if you have further questions.

Report an incident

Care report

Anyone can submit a report outlining their concern for a student. This form is for reporting a concern about a current Oklahoma State University student and should only include objective, observable, and factual information. We ask that you avoid labels, stereotypes, and reporting based on hearsay or mere assumptions.

Report an incident

It is OSU's expectation that students, faculty and staff will report all violations of which they become aware. A "complaint" is an official report to the university alleging that an OSU student has violated the Student Code of Conduct. Complaints should be submitted within 180 calendar days of the alleged violation.

Report sexual violence

All university employees that are not confidential reporters (victim advocates, counselors, medical providers) are required to report when students, employees, or visitors disclose an incident of sexual violence. Sexual violence includes sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

Bias incident report

Oklahoma State University respects and values the diversity of individual beliefs and opinions. The University urges anyone who has experienced or witnessed a bias incident to report it.

Cowboy Strong funding

Cowboy Strong emergency funds provide financial support to students experiencing an unforeseen hardship that could impact their ability to remain enrolled in school.


Consider reporting this situation to the police

If you believe that someone's behavior violated the law, you are encouraged to report the situation to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The OSU Police department has jurisdiction to investigate and respond to allegations of criminal misconduct that occur on campus. The Stillwater Police respond to situations that are off campus but within the municipal city limits of Stillwater. Other area law enforcement agencies include the Payne County Sheriff's Office, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and the Payne County District Attorney's Office.

At your request, Student Support & Conduct will assist you in reporting to the appropriate law enforcement agency. It is important to note that it is not required that you report a situation to the police in order for the university to investigate and respond to a situation.



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