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Support and Conduct

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The university’s philosophy on student conduct is educational in nature. Oklahoma State University recognizes that students will make mistakes and, at times, decisions that do not align with personal values and university expectations. Student Support & Conduct is charged with helping students reflect and learn from these decisions by holding them accountable for their behavior.

Through the conduct process, Student Support & Conduct assists students in ethical, personal, and intellectual development as well as developing character and integrity. Student Support & Conduct offers education, challenge and support to students struggling with behavioral issues, and makes appropriate referrals to other resources as necessary. 

Student Code of Conduct

The OSU Student Code of Conduct serves to educate students about their civic and social responsibilities as members of the OSU academic community. The Student Code of Conduct informs students of the standards of behavior expected, the processes in place for enforcing the rules, and the university’s response to violations. Hard copies can be obtained in 328 Student Union and around campus.
Previous year Student Code of Conduct: 2022-2023 Student Code of Conduct

Student Organization Code of Conduct

Oklahoma State University is proud of the role recognized and registered student organizations play on our campus and in our community and recognizes and respects the autonomy of student organizations. OSU is committed to supporting student organizations. Recognition is contingent upon accepting the rights and responsibilities outlined in this Code of Conduct. All student organizations are required to act consistently with this Code of Conduct, as well as applicable federal, state, and local laws.

The officers, members, and advisors to student organizations are individually and collectively responsible for ensuring that all members understand and comply with the contents of this Code of Conduct. Officers, members, and advisors may also be held accountable individually as well as the organization.

Cowboy Community StandardsOklahoma State University students should aspire, follow and promote. (These are not prohibited conduct that is adjudicated through the conduct process.)


Exemplify honesty, honor, and respect for the truth in all of their actions.


Build and enhance their community. They act to discourage and challenge those who actions may be harmful to and/or diminish the worth of others. Understand and appreciate how their decisions and actions impact others and are just and equitable in their treatment of all members of the community.

Social Justice

Respect the dignity of every person is essential for creating and sustaining a flourishing university community. Act to discourage and challenge those who actions may be harmful to and/or diminish the worth of others.


Show positive regard for each other and for the community.


Accept responsibility for their learning, personal behavior and future success, and appropriately challenge others to do the same. Use judgment, be trustworthy, and take personal responsibility for their actions.
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