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Oklahoma State University

Conduct Records Release


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Conduct Records Policy

  • Case referrals will result in the development of a conduct file in the name of the accused student. If the student is found not responsible for the charges, the file will be marked no action, no record, and shall not constitute a disciplinary record. 

  • The files of students found responsible for violations against them, with sanctions less than suspension or expulsion, will generally be maintained in Student Support and Conduct (SS&C) for seven years from the calendar year of record, after which they are destroyed.

  • Records of cases in which suspension or expulsion from the university occur are kept in the SS&C for ten and fifteen years, respectively.

  • All conduct records are confidential and may not be disclosed in whole or in part except as provided by law or by the written authorization of the student, under legal compulsion or where the safety of other persons may be involved.

Please see information on FERPA for complete rules about confidentiality, as well as exceptions to the law that allows schools to disclose information without consent.


Release of Conduct Records

Many graduate and professional schools, employers, and study abroad programs require that students obtain certification from Oklahoma State University that the student is in good standing, is not under restriction or probation, or has never had any major violations of the Student Code of Conduct.  These are sometimes called "Dean's Certification," "Judicial Record" or "Record Release."  The requesting institution might suggest that you contact the Dean of Students, the office of Student Conduct, or another place. Student Support and Conduct processes all requests for conduct record certification.  In order for a student to obtain this certification from SS&C, she or he must:

  • Sign a release of information, which states that the student consents to the release of their conduct record to the requesting institution. These forms are available in the SS&C office. The institution to which you want the records sent may have provided you a form to sign for that purpose; SS&C will usually accept such signed authorization.

  • Submit the release of information and exact address to which you would like the certification sent to SS&C. You can bring the form in to the office during normal business hours, mail it to 328 Student Union, Stillwater, OK 74078, or submit by email to

If you have no conduct record, certification will be sent indicating that. If you have been found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct, the certification will generally include: the date of incident, a brief summary of the behavior you engaged in, the action plan issued, and the current status of those assignments. Requests are generally processed within two business days.

Student Conduct does not provide character references or answer questions about student's moral character as part of a conduct record certification. If you would like to request a reference letter, directly contact the conduct or hearing officer that handled your case. Requests that require enrollment verification information (e.g. dates of attendance, degree plan, major, etc.), GPA or other academic information will be forwarded to the Registrar's Office for processing after the conduct record certification is completed by SS&C.

Conduct records are maintained separate from the student's academic record but are part of the student's educational record.