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Oklahoma State University

Student Support & Conduct

Student Support & Conduct serves students experiencing challenges through a holistic approach of providing support services, administering the student conduct process, and addressing and preventing sexual violence.

Student Support
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Student Support & Conduct provides support services to students who are experiencing challenges that include but not limited to mental health and medical, relational conflicts, trauma, addiction and recovery, social adjustments, and/or difficulties with transition to college.
Student Support & Conduct staff meets with students to assess situations of possible non-academic misconduct as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. The office offers education, challenge and support to students who may be struggling with behavioral issues in an effort to help these students succeed at the university.
OSU takes acts of sexual violence prevention and response, extremely seriously and believes that 1 victim is 2 many. Student Support & Conduct provides victim services, investigates allegations of sexual violence, and leads sexual violence prevention efforts through the 1 is 2 Many program.


Objectives of Student Support & Conduct        

1. Provide student support and intervention, consultation, case management, and education to address student challenges or difficulties that impact student success, wellness, and the campus community.

2. Support students in ethical, personal, and intellectual development and refer students to appropriate university and community resources to promote student success and retention.

3. Provide a fair, educational, consistent student conduct process for resolving alleged violations of the Student and Organization Code of Conduct.

4. Coordinate the 1 is 2 Many Program to provide sexual violence prevention education and response resources.

5. Foster a safe and inclusive educational environment.