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Support and Conduct

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What would Pete do?

For years, Pistol Pete has heroically represented Oklahoma State University to people throughout the nation. Whether it is in Boone Pickens Stadium, historical Gallagher-Iba Arena or even in a town as lawless as Norman, Pistol Pete stands up for the principles of Oklahoma State University. Like any other Cowboy, Pete knows that to stand up for OSU’s principles, he has to follow these Cowboy Community Standards:

Cowboy Community Standards

OSU Students aspire to follow these behavioral standards:

  • Integrity: Oklahoma State University students are expected to exemplify honesty, honor and respect for the the truth in all of their actions.
  • Community: Oklahoma State University students build and enhance their community. Understand and appreciate how decisions and actions impact others and are just and equitable in the treatment of all members of the community.
  • Social Justice: Oklahoma State University students recognize that respecting the dignity of every person is essential for creating and sustaining a flourished university community.  They act to discourage and challenge those who actions may be harmful to and/or diminish the worth of others. 
  • Respect: Oklahoma State University students must show positive regard for each other and for the community.
  • Responsibility: Oklahoma State University students are expected to accept responsibility for their learning, personal behavior and future success, and students should appropriately challenge others to do the same. Students should use judgment, be trustworthy and take personal responsibility for their actions.


When you face a difficult choice, ask yourself "What Would Pete Do?"

As a proud Oklahoma State University Cowboy, Pistol Pete enjoys all of his time at OSU. Pistol Pete studies very hard. But, like any other student, Pete needs some time away from his studies. Pete really values his time to just relax. But sometimes, like some students at OSU, Pete finds himself in situations where he must decide on the best course of action.


Don’t end up in the pokey! Think first about: What Would Pete Do?


It's a Saturday night and Pete has gone to a local saloon on the Strip to mingle with some friends. One of Pete's friends has had too much to drink but wants to drive home.


WWPD?: Pete does not let his friend drive. Although Pete’s friend thinks he is safe to drive, Pete knows that alcohol impairs judgment and can make a person think he/she is functioning better than is true. Pete knows he would never drink and drive, so he decides not to let his intoxicated friend drive home. Because Pete is sober and has not had any alcohol, he decides to drive his friend home safely. Pete knows that Blood Alcohol Content — the volume of alcohol in your blood — goes up very quickly but comes down very slowly (at a decreasing rate of .01% per hour of not drinking).


Pete is at a small gathering of some friends. He meets a few Cowgirls that he really likes, but they are clearly intoxicated. Should Pete pursue anything physical right now?


WWPD?: Pete stops and does not pursue anything. He knows that an intoxicated person cannot give effective consent to sexual activity. Any Cowboy can tell you that before engaging in any type of sexual activity, the other person must be sober and aware of what is happening, give consent through an affirmative response, and be acting freely and voluntarily. Pete gives out his business card so his new friends can call when they are sober.


Pete is in class.  While there, Pete notices one classmate is struggling with the work and the classmate eventually asks Pete if he can get a copy of Pete’s test because he has not had time to study and prepare.


WWPD?: Pete tells his classmate “no.” Pete knows this act would violate Academic Integrity and Pete aspires to show integrity and good character in all he does. Instead, Pete gives his classmate contact information for the instructor so he can go get help or ask for an extension.


Pete wants to host a party to celebrate another Cowboy Bedlam victory. Since he is over 21 years old, Pete buys some alcohol to consume while at his party. His 19 year-old neighbor comes over and wants a few beers too. Should Pete give his neighbor some beers, or tell his neighbor no?


WWPD?: Pete tells his neighbor "no." He knows that giving his underage neighbor some beers is illegal, and the costs of getting caught are just too high. If he gets arrested, he could lose his chance to represent OSU, and spend some time in jail. While orange is his favorite color, jailhouse orange is not.

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