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Support and Conduct

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1 Is 2 Many

The university is committed to creating an environment that encourages victims of sexual misconduct to come forward and report their concern.

Cowboy Community Standards

These standards enable us to ensure that OSU is a safe and inclusive university for everyone.


Hazing violates the Student Code of Conduct and the Cowboy Community Standard of Respect. Activities that involve forced consumption of alcohol, cause physical or mental distress, or put a student’s well-being in danger will result in action from the University.

Staying safe and aware

21st birthday

Many 21st birthday traditions can be risky and dangerous. Avoid these traditions to have a safe birthday.


If you choose to drink, be S.M.A.R.T.!

What would Pete do?

When you face a difficult choice, ask yourself "What Would Pete Do?"

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

In accordance with the requirements of the Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act of 1989 and the Campus Security Act of 1990, institutions must publish a report containing information on campus alcohol and drug policies, programs and standards related to its institution.

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