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Oklahoma State University

Case Management

Case management can help find the best approach to support students in the immediate situation and provide referrals for ongoing care. Assistance includes outreach, advocacy, intervention, support, and referrals to relevant campus and community resources.


What is Case Management?

Through individualized consultation, case management provides assessment, intervention, and coordination of services to support students navigating challenging or unexpected issues that impact their well-being and academic success. In difficult situations such as medical, mental health, behavioral, personal or family crisis, illness or injury, a student may find it difficult to navigate the resources and services available. We can provide support to these students in order to assist them in removing barriers to success and in increasing their holistic well-being. We do not solve a student’s problems for them, but help to identify issues and appropriate resources and works collaboratively with the student to develop an action plan.

Student case management is not counseling or therapy; rather, case managers have the opportunity to develop close helping relationships with students while coaching students toward appropriate self-care and self-advocacy.

Services Provided in Case Management

Offered services include, but are not limited to, navigating campus and community resources, referrals to community providers, exploration of or referral for emotional distress/behavioral health concerns, coordination and follow-up during and after hospitalization and/or medical leave of absence, health and safety referrals, problem resolution, help managing multiple or complex medical needs and crisis management. 

Request Case Management

Students can request case management. We provide one-on-one support, including interventions, advocacy, referrals and follow-up services for you when you are experiencing significant difficulties related to mental health, physical health, personal and family emergencies, financial issues or other areas of concern. We are committed to assisting you in successfully navigating the Oklahoma State University campus. Our goal is to join you in tackling challenges so that you do not feel alone in the process.